German-American Heroes

John Augustus Roebling

Throughout the history of America, Americans of German ancestry made positive contributions.  Here are some unsung heroes you might not have known about.

John Augustus Röbling designed and also supervised the construction of New York’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge.  At the time of its opening in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world.  It stands to this day.

Aviation Pioneer Gustave Weisskopf (Whitehead)

A body of evidence is growing that says the first American to pilot a powered aircraft was not Orville Wright, but instead Gustave Weisskopf, a German immigrant, whose flight predated the Wright Brothers’ by two years.

What are these people celebrating?  Who was General Von Steuben?

Hint:  Some authorities credit him with turning the tide of the U.S. Revolutionary War when he came to the aid of George Washington and the colonial army at Valley Forge.